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The Belfast District Museum Photo Gallery

The museum houses an extensive photograph collection.

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The Old Schoolmaster's House during "The Big Snow" of 1945 (97-055.jpg)

The Old Schoolmaster's House during "The Big Snow" of 1945 (97-055.jpg)

The House of the Old Schoolmaster

Old Schoolmasters House (Belfast) The Old Schoolmaster's House during "The Big Snow" of 1945 (97-055.jpg) Old Schoolmaster's House when painting was completed in 2005 (05-063.jpg)


Belfast Bridge Inn in area of present hotel.  Owner Samuel Treleaven serving a customer (about 1870) 91-185.jpg "Pepperell's Emporium", Main Road, Belfast, where today is an antique dealer.  Florrie Pepperell is at the door (date unknown) 91-158.jpg Heslington General Store on the corner of Main Road & Johns Road, Heslington township (1880's) 05-015.jpg James Halligan's shop, Main Road Belfast, on the opposite cnr to Scanes shop (91-159b.jpg) Tyson's shop on the Fleming (now Lagan) / Main North Road corner, Belfast, 1923-1940.  Bill Williams with milk can in front. (96-026.jpg)

Early Industry

Creamery at Belfast about 1912 (02-082.jpg) Belfast Soap Works & Truck (date unknown) 01-017.jpg Kaputone Wool Works (date unknown) 91-351.jpg C.F.M. Workers in Works Yards 1934-35 (94-004.jpg)


Tyson home in Radcliffe Road about 1900 (87-022B.jpg) House in Johns Road, west of Connemara Drive, taken about 1929.  It was later home to the Brown family (96-007.jpg) Arps' house on the Main Road opposite Halligan's shop, about 1920  (96-012.jpg)

Local Scenes

Very Early Postcard of North Road, Belfast (date unknown) 91-141.jpg Postcard of North Road, looking south from Darroch Street towards Browns' shop on left (date unknown) 05-019.jpg

Museum images

Belfast District Museum (94-391.jpg) Belfast District Museum about 2003 (03-060.jpg) Belfast District Museum 1985 (94-369K2.jpg)


Mr Dunlop, Driving his Hansom Cab (date unknown) 91-099.jpg Mr Jack Tyson on his Motor Bike about 1914 (87-022A.jpg) Albert Victor Chaney with Horse and Cart (date unknown) 95-027.jpg The late Miss Ethel Williams and the 1928 Chev car she donated to the Museum (91-197.jpg) Early steam lorry used by the CFM Belfast around 1903 (04-020a.jpg)
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