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Welcome to our website, formerly shared with the Belfast District Museum Trust! The Museum was closed in 2011 because of earthquake damage. It was administered on behalf of the community by BDMT, but with no indication of possible Museum re-opening (by Council), the Trust had no function to perform and was wound up in June 2013. Other than in our role of promoting local history/heritage, SHG no longer has any connection with the Museum nor any knowledge of its status!

Our New Image
The front door of SHG's authors. During the building of the house in 1989, a totara log carbon-dated as dying 1100 years ago, was uncovered! The glass panels were designed to represent the Styx River, a totara tree, a redwood tree (after which the suburb was named) and the mountains include Mt Grey. The door symbolises 1100 years of "Styx History"!

Historic Totara For Sale - The carbon-dated totara log has been milled (50 mm thick) and is available for sale (price by negotiation) in one lot or piece by piece, to anyone interested in using it for carvings, etc. Contact Dennis on (03) 352-5545 to arrange a look at the timber and the carbon-dating report.

Publications - The "Books" page lists books we have for sale via this website. "The Pub at the Seven-Mile Peg" was published in 2013 after an earthquake delay, and the next book (on Waikuku/Saltwater Creek) has sold out (but see below). "Remembering The Styx" was published in October 2014. The 8th Styx Book, "The Styx Mill - Myths & Mysteries" went on sale in October 2015. Just published is a "bucket list" item for our two authors - a history of an Australian family (with a convict, an Irish Potato Famine orphan, and a Swedish sailor who jumped ship!), which is being offered for sale to family members, libraries & historical societies in Australia. Also, the 2007 book "Thomas Hills & His Family" and the 2013 book "At The Ashley River Mouth"(both out-of-print and not to be reprinted) are each now available on CD as a .pdf file.

Tours - Has your group ever considered a "source-to sea" historical tour of the Styx River? You provide the bus and patrons, we provide the itinerary, commentary and books. Contact the Secretary at (03) 352 5545.

Genealogy - Are you working on your family history? We may be able to advise. SHG has purchased many photographs that may include your ancestors if they lived in the Styx/Belfast area prior to 1900. Also, eight of our books may contain information that you are seeking. We can be contacted via this website.

Did You Know . .?
.. that our Styx River was previously known by the name "Sticks" in reference to flax sticks (either as rafts or markers of the North Road crossing point), later changed to "Styx". In Greek mythology, that river separated the world of the living from the realm of the dead. In 2013, the name "Styx" was approved for one of Pluto's smallest moons - a bit of modern history!


There is a website ( that mentions "Styx History Group" and says 'information collected may be used for the publication of a book or books'. That was true 1999 - 2002 of the original Group. We tried several times since (2002 to 2013) to have that statement changed, with no success, so gave up trying to have that Group, set up to research and write one book, given credit for the fact that a book ("The Styx Story") WAS produced before members dispersed. The remaining members formed a new privately-funded group of the same name (in fact, the first book was funded by the same people and a Lotteries Grant) and have published eight more (see "Books" page)! We have no association with whosoever runs the website mentioned above; our group is NOT the one they mention. We made another approach in 2016, and were advised that the matter can be rectified in 2017

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